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Street photography is all about the realness, the true story of this society. The drama constantly happening in this world, and a perfect street photography is all about to capture the moment, to portray the story, to paint the colors, texture, the pattern in the photograph so that the viewer can get an idea of the moment and the story behind it.

The boy with branches

Street Musicians


Street Salon

The faces


Shy Boy

I love to take photos from the day when I get my first camera, I love to travel alone, love to roam the streets in my city and watch the people around. Their lifestyle their expression always attracts me. Using the camera I want to keep the moment with me forever, I don’t know how other people will connect with them, it varies person to person, and depends on their taste. Some people prefer color images some people still use the black and white shades as a medium of telling a story in an Image. For me, the monochrome is my most favorite color, even if I got a Portrait, their environment, people, my intention is always to draw a frame with a story, which will be an open book for the subject in the frame.

People of hill






From old time to the most recent time, black and white or Monochrome is widely created and accepted in street photography. Black and white images make the audience to concentrate strongly on the story.

In this digital era, our eyes are familiar with the HD photos everywhere. The colors, clarity, sharpness are really amazing.

But sometimes the grains, the textures, the blurriness in film camera seems more attractive.

Life in Dhobighat

River side

The poser

The gentleman

I always want to use a vintage film camera, a darkroom for developing the films, but somehow I am failed to manage those stuff. So, I tried to gain the flavor of film cameras using the concept of fine art in post-production. I love to create story using black and white image, it gives a strong impact to the story. This photo series is all about the grainy look images, with the emotion in them.