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The on-screen program of any cinema, drama, theater is always glamorous in its own way. Actors are acting on the stage with the perfect light, background sound, and dialogues.  Labor of lots of people makes it possible.

But there is another drama behind the scenes too. For me, the green room, the stage rehearsal moments, has its own story to tell.

I wanted to learn about the scenario behind the actual drama or theater. So I collaborated with a budding theater group named Theonix, from Kolkata. This small team has some talented actors, writers, and directors. So I documented some stories of their journey from- stage rehearsal to the green room and finally the first stage show in front of a real theater-loving audience in this photostory.

This newly talented people choose their subject of the theater on marital rape and suicide. Which is nowadays one of the most dangerous social issues. They beautifully portray the fight among the bad and good, the struggle of a woman and the ultimate hope of life, the right of dreaming.

Stage Rehearsal

Show started

Creating tension


Shadow Play

The Greenroom Story


Actors refreshing their mind

Makeup started

Looking for something

Director guided the look

Face paint

Actor got himself habituated with the new look

Face to face

Into the character

Remembering script

Time to prepare mentally

Practicing before final bell

Final Showtime

Setup of lighting

Director checks the final arrangement before the show

Story begins

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Last Scene

This story shows us the bitter truth of our society, the dark side of human life which should be removed by ourselves. Art was and will always be a weapon of protest and since ancient times theatre has been one of the most expressive ways.